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NTL email closing in 90 days

Hi i wonder if anyone can help.. 

my wife is still using our old email account and has done for 10 or so years so every contact, schools, hospital plus more have her email address.

now the problem weve just found is in nov/december 2016 i swapped my home account to a business account but wasn't warned or didn't even consider the fact that home account would close to open our new account .

is there a way to keep the old email address as technically ive not left virgin ive just upgraded to a business account. 

thanks in advance for any help offered


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Re: NTL email closing in 90 days

Hello bugmanjay


Welcome to our forum, I am sorry that the old mailbox/account was overlooked. In order to work it would need to be attached to an active broadband account, the forum team have no access to business accounts I am afraid. To be honest I am not sure what can be done but the best bet is to contact Virgin Media Business and ask them.

Fingers crossed


Thank you


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Re: NTL email closing in 90 days

My personal feeling is that Business will be unable to assist.  However there's certainly no harm in trying.  The free email accounts are only available to residential users, in fact the T&C's state they cannot be used for business purposes so IMHO it's most unlikely that Virgin's system will be able to link it to your business account.

I'm actually hoping I'm proved wrong here - however I feel it's better you be prepared for the worst rather than giving you unrealistic expectations.




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