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More email hassle

I have had to change details twice in recent weeks after getting a txt from you with the "It would appear that your account may have been compromised" message.

low and behold I just logged into my mail and its showing yet more undelivered mails again so Im guessing the txt message will follow shortly.

I would like to know what virgin are doing about this issue as this is the 3rd time in weeks, surely the problem is at your end..I change my details yet my account gets compromised again.



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Re: More email hassle

I don't want to disappoint you but the problem is probably not at VMs end. VM can see that access which you haven't authorised has been gained to your e-mail account using your e-mail address and your password - authenticated access. If they are seeing this even after you have changed your password the conclusion has to be that your computer is infected with malware that is transmitting your new password to the hackers and spammers. Try a scan with the free trial version of malwarebytes (download it only from the official site). See what you get.

Now I am not ruling out that there may be an another issue here but the most probable explanation is the one I have given above.


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