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Letters from Virgin Media Internet Security

I have received about 10 letters now from Virgin Media Internet Security to say my online security is at risk.

I've also been on the phone 3 times to try and sort this out.

Plain and simple someone is spoofing my email address and Virgin Media think my account has be hacked.

Every month all my accounts are locked out and I have to reset the password on them.

This is now becoming beyond a joke.

This was never a problem before the new email system, because Google knew they were just spoof emails and marked them as spam.

Can someone from Virgin Media please look into this as I have had no luck on the phone trying to explain the problem.

There is also no contact information anywhere for this Internet Security Team.

Kind Regards

Steven Craggs


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Re: Letters from Virgin Media Internet Security

Hi Steven,

I shall do what I can to help with this, especially as this is a security risk and needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

The letters and text messages sent by our Email Security teams are in reaction to alerts of compromised email accounts. The tell is usually the amount of mail sent out (usually spam) and the originating IP address(es).
These emails are authenticated - which means that the email address in question has been compromised. Your email address is not being spoofed (where the sent from/receipt to address has been altered to mimic yours) but your actual credentials are being used.
For instance my tests of your SMTP logs indicated that spam, sent from your account, originated from IP's linked to Serbia and Pakistan.

The information contained in the letter has be followed exactly. 

  • You must set a new, unique password, that has not been used previously.
  • You must ensure that all of your Internet connected devices (pc's, laptops, tablets, phones etc) are scanned regularly with up-to-date security software, as one of these is likely infected with a key logger or trojan for example that is retrieving your personal data.

If not dealt with effectively the issue will recur and Email Security will reach out to you again. Please click here for an overview of the information that would have been contained in the letters from Email Security.

Let us know if you require any further help with this or have any related questions Smiley Happy


Forum Team

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