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Keep ntl email addresses when moving to 4G from cable

I am being forced to move away from a cabled area to somewhere where there is 3g and 4g coverage, so I have to cancel my cable account and have signed up for a Virgin Mobile Wifi Hotspot with an IMO GO portable device.  I have been told that I will lose all my email addresses, as they are tied to the cable account.  I am very upset about this as I thought that remaining with Virgin would enable me to keep them, almost everything I do is signed in for with one of my email addresses.  Is there any way I can keep these addresses active, I would even be willing to pay for that functionality.  Regards, Iain, presently in Rugby, but not for much longer. 

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Re: Keep ntl email addresses when moving to 4G from cable

The simple answer is no, no exceptions, no payment scheme to keep the address. VM e-mail addresses are for paying BB customers only. What you have learned is correct. We advise very strongly (and remember we are not VM staff) that you do not use ISP linked e-mail services. That is where you will need to go now and when you do you will leave this problem behind you for ever, no matter what service you use to provide internet access.

It's not great news but, at least, you do have time to set up a new account and start notifying your contacts of the change.


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