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Internet and Mail multiple problems varying depending on the Device

Multiple engineer visits and phone help still leaves us with:

Internet access problems for Lap tops (not i pads) in a room where an additional router required;

Mail issues with iPad and lap top with this message appearing on lap top:

Cannot connect to the account " enter the password for user "kevin.j.  etc".  The e mail password is not accepted - have also tried password for machine and the Apple ID incase this is what this means but nothing works.  This had been preceded by a period of it trying to send on the wrong address.

iPhone cannot access internet or at least only occasionally 

Other lap top gets multiple copies of each e mail so I am deleting thousands a day.  

Have also spend hours on the phone to Apple.   Have upgraded software and changed all sorts of settings in phone also changed passwords.  

Anyone the slightest idea where to go from here?  There is a virgin internet problem in area but not all of this is to do with that I suspect

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Internet and Mail multiple problems varying depending on the Device

Hi CeliaComrie,

Sincere apologies for the issues you're currently faced with. I shall do my best to address them all.

Firstly there is a fault, reported for your area, that is causing slow and intermittent Internet connection (fault ref: F005040103 ). The assigned Network engineer, tasked with fixing this, has located the cause of the noise ingress and we hope to have this fixed soon. I shall keep you updated on progress of this work.

Secondly is the email issue. Checks of our systems aren't revealing any problems and I wonder if these errors are linked to your connection disruptions?

I'd like you to please log in to My Virgin Media > click on the 'My Profile' tab > and change the password for your email account.
Make sure you also change the password on all devices from which you access email.

For the repeated downloaded emails issue I'd like you to access webmail (it's intermittent at the moment so you may have to refresh the log in screen a few times) and ensure that you have no mail forwarding set up. Follow the instructions here , under 'Automatically forward all messages', but make sure that:

  1. No email address is entered in the box below Forward all incoming email messages to this address.
  2. Enable is not selected.

Let me know how you get and I'll try to remember to keep you updated on the fault. Hopefully we'll soon get things back on an even keel for you Smiley Happy

Forum Team

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