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How can I change my main email address?

Sorry in advance for a long post....

When my ex and I split up I took over the Virgin Media account in my name. It was in ex's name but he moved out and Virgin changed it over to a new contract under my name, for a fee, as I didn't know where my ex had moved to.
The problem I have is that my ex is still using the blueyonder email address attached to my Virgin account for his PayPal and various other websites / social media (as Virgin didn't change any details except the name on the account, so no new email address was given).
He can't access the emails as I changed the password when the account changed over to my name so he can't access the emails but still has it registered with various sites. I dont use my Virgin email account for anything as I use my old hotmail account still.
When I signed into my Vigin account today I decided to check for any spam to clear it out and there were over 3000 unread emails in there for PayPal payments, etc, etc for my ex.
How can I change the email address that's attached to MY Virgin Media account. I don't want to see what he's been buying on eBay or what he's paid for with PayPal, and I don't want to see his personal details that are on some of these emails, or personal things from his social media notifications.
Is there a way to change the primary email address from the one he's been using to something else, or how can I close this account to open a new Virgin media one.

Any help is much appreciated :-)
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Re: How can I change my main email address?

A difficult issue as you say.

Looking at your posting history you appear to have raised a similar issue back in 2015 and were advised at the time by a fellow Super User that you would need to call in and discuss the specific circumstances with VM staff. That advice still stands.  The forum team cannot deal with such issues on a public forum.  I'm not sure what, if anything, that VM can do about this but I will bring this thread to the attention of the staff @ModTeam so that they can forward it to a team member to look at.  You will most likely get a private message from them so that this can be pursued outside the public gaze.

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