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Error message when sending email

I regularly receive emails and forward them on but regularly get the following or similar message:-

Message could not be sent. Error message from e-mail transport server: 554 - 554 5.2.0 RWEH1u0053GH5YU01WEHG3 Spam content found

Why does Virgin mail allow emails with potential Spam content into my inbox but refuses to send them back out.?

Can someone reply in simple English for a simple soul not techy minded


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Re: Error message when sending email

It is not that difficult really. If VM mark or identify and e-mail as spam the web mail platform will not allow you to forward it on "as is". VM do not wish to be party to knowingly sending spam through their servers.

However the spam filter is at best capricious and this rule will apply equally to mail mark or identified erroneously as spam.

There is a work round involving the use of an e-mail client and adding the offending mail as an attachment which disguises it from the servers.

We have pointed out the difficulty all this causing to users and we have asked for the platform to behave sensibly and let users do what they wish to do - including sending spam, like phishing e-mails, to the abuse address of the organisation that appears to have sent it.

You should also read this, and not change back from this default which guarantees that you will receive all the mail intended for you:


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