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Error message "Server error: '453 Too Many Recipients (VM502)"


I accidently replied all to an email with 500+ recipients. that was 2 days ago.

since then I can not send emails from any of my devices, laptop using windows live mail and my phone using gmail client and tablet using samsungs default mail server.

the only way is to login in on line and send directly from virginmedia mail.

told that mail box should clear after 24 hours but I have gone past that already.

tech support only suggestion for fixing is posting here . and I'm not impressed that is the only help that can be offered.

When I try to send I get the error 453, response 453 too many  recipients (VM502)

please assist in fixing this issue

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Error message "Server error: '453 Too Many Recipients (VM502)"

Hello GFN

Welcome to our forum. So sorry you had Error 453 VM502 Too Many Recipients when trying to send emails, we will try to help.

We limit the number of email recipients that may be sent from our residential connections over a rolling time base to try and stop spamming.
A VM502 message indicates that the recipient count in the emails sent has been exceeded in the last rolling 24 hour period.

I think you already knew that bit but I put it there for the benefit of the thread Smiley Happy 

If as you say 24 hours has passed and you are getting the same message perhaps something is going on and if needs be we can check our logs.


Please would you bring us up to date, is it okay now, have you had further instances of it lasting more than 24 hours?

Thanks so much


Virgin Media Forum Team
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