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Emails arriving many hours or days late.


As I can't find any online way of contacting VM customer support (why can't I mail you?!) then I'm posting here.

For many weeks, some of my emails are arriving many hours or days late. The worst has been 3 full days of delay. These emails are being sent from non-contentious addresses, my family or Amazon for example and arrive late even though others from the same addresses sent at the same time arrive within seconds. The missing emails do not enter my spam folder, they just remian lost until eventually arriving.

This is becoming a serious problem because I've lost important, time critical messages. Why is this happening please? The VM email service used to be quite robust but recently it's become worryingly deficient.

I have a legacy ntlworld address by the way but it's working perfectly other than the occasional delayed message.

I hope someone can assist because I'm on a VIVID-200 package and I'm getting 60Mbps tonight because of local contention AND missing emails. This is NOT value for (considerable) money!

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