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Email log in

When are virginmedia going to get their fingers out od their backsides and fix the  login problems. Almost everytime I try to log in  I get the usual 'connecting' in the top left had corder. Then I wait and wait until it times out with no connection. Quick enough to raise the prices while the service deteriorates.

Also - can you please get rid of the picture puzzle recaptcha. What is wrong with a strong password?

I think I will stick with eMail client server. At least it works.

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Re: Email log in

Yes, I agree over the badly designed picture puzzle test. Extremely annoying as it isn't always clear what is meant to be checked. Maybe it helps if you are American.

As for the email, this webmail issue has been a problem off and on for weeks. Still on going and no update since last night. How can it take so long to fix? It's all very well saying you can use another client, but I use webmail for all my email accounts now. Outlook took some time to get back up and running. Made me realise why I stopped using it.

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