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Email log in

I have my virgin email account synced up to my phone, laptop and work computer.

Last night I received a message saying 'log in failed' on my phone although I hadn't been using it. I tried to access my emails on my phone by logging in again but it said my password was wrong. I tried on my laptop and it also said my log in details were wrong and asked several times if I was a robot. I tried to change my password but it didn't recognise my security answers??? This morning at work I went straight into my virgin email from my favourites with a saved password and it worked fine for a couple of hours. I logged out and in to see if there was a still a problem, as I still couldn't get my phone to accept my password, and now my work computer doesn't recognise my log in details either and keeps asking if I'm a robot. 

Can anyone please help me... I need to print off tickets and I also have a few important emails to do over the weekend.

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Re: Email log in

Hi davieknox,

I'm really sorry about the webmail access issues and promise to do what I can to help with this.
I have a couple of questions please:

  • Are you able to access My Virgin Media? - if you are please change your email password under the My Profile tab.
  • Is this problem evident across different browsers?

Please provide any other information that may be pertinent - if access returns, even if briefly or if another email address on your account is not experiencing problems for instance.

I'll look out for your reply.

Forum Team

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