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Email cut off without warning. I too am leaving after VMing from year dot.

I've just spent three days fighting VM's demented robots trying to find out why my email would not work, only to discover that VM cut me off without warning. I have so many complaints, I don't know where to begin.  Here's a start: 1. how do they expect me to find out why my ID is working if they let me do so only if I provide a working ID? 2. Why do they insist as an alternative that I provide details of my bills when they no longer send a bill, not even a notification of one -- presumably in the hope that I won't notice that they have upped  the bill by 30 percent (yes 30 percent) since I last looked. 3. Why didn't they warn me about the cutoff? They could have emailed me before they did so. 4. Why did they cut me off at all? I am informed that my address has been used to send spam but there is no sign of that in my Sent folder. As I understand it (and I'd be happy if I could find a VM person to tell me otherwise) that means someone has been spoofing my address. They haven't been using my account at all. 6. How do I get compensation for loss of service and three days of hair-tearing frustration?

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Re: Email cut off without warning. I too am leaving after VMing from year dot.

Virgin's e-mail service is a free add on to the broadband.  It's not paid for so Virgin will not compensate for loss of service.

With regards to spam being sent from your account not showing in your sent folder - It doesn't work that way.

Virgin have two sets of SMTP servers.  One linked to the Webmail service and one used for clients such as Outlook etc.

Even if the servers were directly linked SMTP has NEVER copied sent mails to the online sent mail folder.  IMAP clients do this at the same time as downloading mail.  But if you've ever used a POP3 client you'll find mail stored on the client does not appear in Web mail.

There are a couple of providers that break the rule.  But in doing so you have to configure IMAP differently, to avoid duplicating the sent mails.

When you say they've cut the mail off - are you sure they've not just locked the account to force a password change?  Have you called in to 150?



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Re: Email cut off without warning. I too am leaving after VMing from year dot.

That sounds immensely frustrating, cakass.

2.  There has been at least one recent report of a Virgin Media bill arriving in the spam folder.

3.  You may find, as many others have, that a letter arrives by post some days after your account has been locked.  Virgin Media has been locking thousands of accounts during the past year, many repeatedly.  If your account is locked, you'll find that you cannot log in to the email account.  Virgin Media is trying - in a clumsy way - to protect you against unauthorized use and abuse of the account as well as financial fraud and identity theft; however, the inelegant procedures and associated correspondence, or lack thereof, lead to widespread confusion.

It is an open question as to whether Virgin Media is detecting unauthorized account access every time they lock an account or whether the algorithm they are using is also picking up false positives for the hundreds of ongoing cases of spoofing affecting Virgin Media accounts since August 2015.  Only Virgin Media can clear this up by providing more information about the date and time and IP address of the unauthorized access to people who are requesting such details.

Here are two cases where more information was provided to a user who cited the reference number from a Virgin Media security letter - I realize that you may not have received one of the letters:

Here is a case where someone asked and had no response,

If you ask for information about the date and time and IP address of the unauthorized access to your account from Virgin Media and receive no response or do not receive the requested information, then it is time to move your email operations elsewhere because you won't have the details you need to troubleshoot the problem and determine how and when your account was accessed by someone else.   I suggest a free Gmail account because it has built-in automated protection which will let you know as soon as there is any sign of an unusual log in from new computers or geographic locations. With a Gmail account, if you have a mobile phone, you can also turn on two-step verification, an important security feature which is not able for Virgin Media accounts,

It is not necessary to move to a new internet provider if you are having email problems.  Consider your choices for broadband and email as two separate decisions.  You can resolve the email problems yourself by moving to a new free account elsewhere while keeping other services from Virgin Media which are working well.  The email service at Virgin Media is not meeting many people's needs at the moment.  Since August 2015, there has been an extremely long list of senders who report having significant problems delivering messages, only to Virgin Media accounts,

As a result, it is quite likely at the current time that you may not be receiving all of the email which is being sent to your Virgin Media account.

It is a good idea to assume that every time Virgin Media locks your account and sends a security letter or text about "sending spam" that they have indeed detected that someone other than you has logged into the email account.  It is important to note that a large number of spoofing cases at Virgin Media since August 2015 are also "hacked" accounts in that there has been unauthorized access to the account and the theft of all of the email address and display names in the web mail account. These cases all have other symptoms as well as the accounts being locked, sometimes repeatedly.  Friends and colleagues of the account holder receive little chatty emails entreating them to click on a link.  Also, the email account receives periodic clumps of messages about emails which could not be delivered, emails which the account holder did not send.

If you are not able to determine how someone else may have accessed your account, and especially if it happens more than once, then you do need to take action, with the simplest and fastest resolution being a move to a Gmail account with two-step verification turned on.  Many people with Virgin Media email accounts have moved to a Gmail account after a significant amount of procrastination or worry about how difficult it will be to move to a new email address.  It is not uncommon for them to say afterwards, "I wish I had done it sooner!".





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