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Email: Sending and Receiving errors

I have seen the post that is trending about issues with sending and receiving emails (dated 31/1/17).

I too am having this issue and have just run some tests with 30 min delays between an email hitting the phone (instant), outlook (30 mins later) and VM webmail (30 mins later). 

I also received failed to deliver messages on Friday evening (host refused to talk to me:421. Too many simultaneous messages) and have a number of emails sent from work this morning that have not arrived on phone/outlook/webmail as yet - presumably waiting to time out on retries on the VM mail servers.

I can see from the moderator post that VM are aware of the problem, but what it does not say is what VM are doing about this and when it will be resolved. Having valid emails failing to deliver is not good enough!

There are lots of similar messages on community re rate limiting from last year, so this is clearly an ongoing issue that needs a permanent resolution. 

This is also on the back of intermittent broadband outages all last week. Not a great service!