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Email Accounts Locked

So, I get home today to find Virgin Media have locked all of my email accounts. They didn't tell me, they sent a text to my wife telling her we needed to reset passwords via the link in the text. So we click on the link to be told that the page does not exist. That leaves us with no email, and no way to log in because our existing passwords no longer work.

Eventually I figure out a way in......pretend I have forgotten my user name and my password, and get in by entering 6 different bits of information off of my last bill, which luckily I have a copy of, because they email it to me! and I happened to print off the last one.

So that gets me in to our main email which I then manage to change the password for.

However.....when I tried to carry out the same trick for my email address the site has now gone into melt down. No access to webmail page...."Oops, something's broken" it says. Try accessing via My Virgin Media....same "Oops, something is broken it says too."

I know I will "Contact Us". Please use our recommended chat service it says. Only all the operators are busy and it shut at 8pm. Come back tomorrow, we open at 8am. I start work at 8am, and I get home at 7pm.

Getting a little fed up of Virgin Media and their email problems. Might be time to go elsewhere.

The box below say "Email me when someone replies". I would but I cant access my emails.

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Re: Email Accounts Locked

Hello NickP2,

That sounds like a completely miserable experience.  It has now been a few days since you wrote your report.  I'd like to think that you are now back in your email accounts. Virgin Media locks accounts for your protection when they have evidence that someone other than you has accessed the account.  The communications, process to unlock, and lack of detailed information about the problems detected have left many perplexed and dismayed.

Consider your broadband provider and email provider as separate decisions.  Don't hesitate to move to another email provider.  I recommend a free Gmail account.  Gmail accounts have some fantastic features to protect you from problems like this.    Modern features such as spoofing and phishing protection, two-step verification, superb spam filtering, and automated notification of changes to any patterns in account login provide better protection against problems than the current features offered by Virgin Media accounts.  The move is not as difficult as you might expect and you are unlikely to look back.


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Re: Email Accounts Locked

Get a third-party email account ... non-ISP... Outlook or GMail...Both are reliable and secure as possible..also if you ever. Leave VM you lose your email anyway ... ZVNK ...
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Email Accounts Locked

Hello NickP2


Really sorry about locking your accounts and for the difficulties re-enabling them, it looks like you have called it and it is now resolved.

If you have further problems please let us.


Thank you


Virgin Media Forum Team
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