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E-mail from web browser

This seems to be the only way of contacting anyone right now about this problem.

Why can't I log into my e-mails from my web browser?

The help pages don't help, because they only say click on "Email" in the top right hand corner. If I click on "Email" I'm taken to the "Virgin Media Mail" page rather than my e-mails.

It would be nice to have the facility to send a message to Virgin Media in writing over the internet, but this option appears not to exist. If it does exist, it's hidden very well because I can't find it.


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Re: E-mail from web browser

The reason you can't find an e-mail address is because there isn't one. If you want to know the options for reaching VM look at the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any VM web page.

Second you are hardly the first person to report issues with VM web mail. There are tens of posts on this Forum about it. The system is very fragile at the moment. Nothing you can do.

VM have an open fault on the issue but it is Xmas and it is unlikely to be fixed any time soon. In the meantime using an e-mail client to access your mail is an option. Also clear your browser's cache and cookies and/or use CrtlF5 to refresh the system when pages appear to get sticky or not load properly.

Getting the wrong page is also a symptom. I see it as well. You will just have to keep trying - I'm afraid.


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