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E-mail Spam problems

I am having problems with Spam. I am getting the same two messages each day and each day I mark them as Spam but each day they appear in my inbox. I have Spam setting on " reject all spam" but each day the same e-mails pop up in my inbox.

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Re: E-mail Spam problems

You and most other people, I'm afraid because the VM spam filters are slow learners. And in fact what you mark as spam others may mark as legitimate mail which undoes what you have done.

You'll need to read this as well because very shortly VM will be changing your spam settings to ensure that you do not lose legitimate mail:

and my further commentary on this change which you would be well advised not to change back when it happens.

This change by VM should largely see the end of the “spam content found” issue being experienced by senders of e-mail and complaints from VM mail users that mail is not getting through. This is to be entirely welcomed.

But just to add a little to the VM sticky post and emphasise some issues. You should not change this default spam setting. If you do you will be back to square one and will not see all the mail that is being legitimately sent to you.

You will probably see more spam in both your web mail spam and in-box folders. The VM spam filters are not, by any means, perfect. But this is a small price to pay to ensure that the right mail does get through. Please do as VM ask and mark mail as “not spam” if it has been wrongly classified.

Also remember (and this is of vital importance for people who use POP on their e-mail clients to manage e-mail) that you must check your web mail spam folder regularly. Stuff in there will be automatically deleted after 30 days. When that happens it will be irretrievable and you may lose mail you actually want to see.

This change puts VM web mail on a par with what happened under the former Google based e-mail system. The power to decide what is and is not spam has been returned to you. That should have been the position from the outset of the new system. The Superusers involved in this saga are pleased that this has now happened. We shall watching and pressing for the necessary further improvements in spam filtering to ensure more efficient filtering of mail into the right folders.


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