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Captcha: use it wisely

I reckon most of us have battled the dreaded Captcha thing while trying to access our webmail. Today I found that it has more benefits than I thought...

The unsolicited caller purported to be from VM, he was trying to get me to upgrade my BB package. He went through his security process, I played along.

Then he started to read me his standard script. One sentence in I brought him up short with "Hold it right there, I need to take you through my security process".

After a short silence, he said "er... um... OK", so I went for it.

Me: "Please select all of the squares with mountains in them."

Him: "Eh? Mountains?"

Me: "Ok, so you can't see mountains so let's try something else. Please select all of the squares with shop-fronts in them".

Him: "What squares? Which shops?"

Me: "Hmm... no shop-fronts... final chance - please select all of the squares with road-signs in them".

Him: "I can't see what you are talking about."

Me: "Sorry, you have failed the Captcha security test. Goodbye!"

I've been smug ever since hanging up :-)

Learning one day at a time how it works, breaks, and gets fixed.
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Re: Captcha: use it wisely

Have you tried a different web browser?  I don't get captcha with Chrome Smiley Wink

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