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Cannot login to my old Blueyonder account

I have been a Virgin customer for over 20 years and recently gotsepperated from my (cheating mofo) wife.

Now, the account was in her name as she had time to set it up while I was out working to pay the bills (and her £50k seperation payout) so I had to cancell her account and set up one in my name, which i have.

My (old) Blueyonder account was the account I used for everything and a few days ago it became unaccessible which has left me in a bad predicament!!!

I need to pay bills, I need to access accounts and I cant becasue VM have closed that 'Blueyonder' email account down with no notice to myself.


What are you going to do about it?

Part of my loyalty to VM has been partly because of my main email account.... now I have no reason not to find a new provider if I cannot access my old email account and change all my important account details with service providers etc.



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Re: Cannot login to my old Blueyonder account

Read what was said in this thread about a "move and transfer" of your account and address:

You'll have to phone in and request one. That is how to recover your past e-mail address (if it is still available). Best advice is never to use an ISP linked address. Better to use a non-ISP provider and that way you'll not have this issue again.

If I may say so, it is also a good idea not to be so upfront on a public forum about a past relationship. You never know who might read it.


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