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Can't access email on Chrome

Since yesterday I cannot access my email on Chrome. I can log into my main account but when I click on email all I get are three alternating dots in the middle of the page. It works on IE and Firefox so not the end of the world but still shouldn't be an issue. Tried clearing cache etc but no difference.

Any ideas?

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Re: Can't access email on Chrome

Virgin's email is getting worse.  The problem may be browser related (or related to your specific device), but it might be a problem at the back end.

I would suggest creating a Gmail account, and getting that to manage your Virgin email (or just setup your VM email to forward everything to your Gmail).

Lets you enable 2FA as well (if you worry about that sort of thing) - be less hassle if you decide to change ISP as well.

Just another VM user trying to help, so no guarantees that my advice will work .
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