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Blueyonder email using Outlook 2016


Since Window's 10 upgrade I have been able to re-establish my email on Outlook 2016 using imap 993 ssl and smpt 25.  However, when establishing my wife's email on outlook using her own user login to windows, I have been unable to establish her email on Outlook.  I would welcome some advice or tips.  Thanks Mick


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Re: Blueyonder email using Outlook 2016

Not clear at all but I'll do my best.

Your e-mail. Follow the advice here. Win 10 upgrade has been well known to break essential files needed for mail sending:

Do not use port 25 for SMTP. It is insecure. See this advice:

Use port 465 with SSL and authentication on. Make sure you set the authentication settings before entering the right port (465). Guidance below on the screens you will see.

Wife's email

What error messages are you seeing? Post them here.

Up to date mail settings for VM with guidance on setting up Outlook here:


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