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All our email addresses ending in not working

Since 02/09/2016 all our email addresses ending in have not been working.
Gmail accounts on the same PC are working fine.
Pop-up messages appear one after another telling me that each attempted email connection to the server has timed out.

When I try to use the Virgin website to log in to my email addresses the site doesn't accept my password for each email address.

So...Virgin must have broken all my email addresses (or passwords) by doing some upgrade or maintenance.

I am running Win7 Pro , Google Chrome and Mozilla Thunderbird which up until this weekend my email has worked faultlessly for years.

ADVISE PLEASE as this is appalling!


P.S. To add insult to injury I just noticed the 'Email me when someone replies ...yeah that's gonna happen!

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: All our email addresses ending in not working

Hi Dave,

I'm really sorry for your email issues.

To be honest we've recently had a few access issues escalated (now resolved) that may or may not account for the problem you're reporting.

I've sent you a PM (purple envelope icon, top right of page) requesting some data (don't want it posted publicly) so please reply when you can and I'll make sure that everything is fine on our systems at least - enabled and linked to an active broadband account for instance.

Once we've checked that we'll see what we can do next to get this matter resolved.

Looking forward to your reply Smiley Happy

Forum Team

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