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Alert! New Kind of Phishing (to us anyway)

We were sent an e-mail offering my wife a job based on 'her resume and e-mail posted on-line'. This was fictitious because, in her case, there is no resume posted on line. However, unlike most scam e-mails, this e-mail had both our e-mail address and her name, both forename and surname. The job description was written in good English and was mostly feasible. It came from an unlikely e-mail address in the Netherlands, with a feasible reply address in the UK.

I mention this as it was new to us. Our previous scam e-mails have not included so much information and have been obviously flawed. This one was presumably sent to catch people who do have a resume posted on line. It offered £36,000 p.a. for an 'operations manager' working from home. 

The scam merchants are getting better at their job and we need to be ever questioning and vigilant.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Alert! New Kind of Phishing (to us anyway)

Hello ahrbee


Thank you for sharing, very clever of them but luckily not as clever as you! 


We do have a way of viewing the latest phishing emails by the way and you are able to report them to us also here Contact Virgin Media Internet Security Team

Once we become aware we will do our best to block them.


Thank you


Virgin Media Forum Team
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