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Access to ntl emails


I was hoping for some quick advice. I am trying to help an older relative (remotely via a 3rd person) who is not very tech savvy. It seems he has lost access to the emails on his computer. I am not sure how but I think he may have uninstalled his email program.

I am trying to explain that he can probably access his emails via the web in the interim until he can find someone local to help reinstall his email program. He has an ntl email address. I was wondering if someone can confirm the web address to access these emails (I don't have a virgin account). I've found a login through searching but it has a crazy long web address which I think might cause confusion and concern if it has to be read out to be typed in.

Any help much appreciated. Also if he has a virgin media account would tech support be able to help him install his email program back on to his computer in the long term. I don't live anywhere near by so cant help.



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Re: Access to ntl emails

First of all, rather than trying to help the relative via a 3rd person (always a recipe for confusion), why not install remote access software (I use (free) TeamViewer - other solutions are available) then you can effectively sit in front of the PC screen - even if you only have a mobile phone!

Accessing webmail - normal access is to sign into, then click on the email button at the top of the screen.

Direct address for signin is (I think)

I don't know if tech support would help reinstall an email program (at least, not for free) - but it would always be worth a free call for your relative to ring 150 and ask? If you (or someone else) reinstalls the email app, these pages will probably be useful 

Using Virgin Media Mail with Email clients

Email settings for addresses ending in



Just another VM user trying to help, so no guarantees that my advice will work .
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