WiFi Win #4

by Moderator on ‎23-03-2017 15:43 (1,076 Views)

Welcome to WiFi Wins - Five quick tips for faster home WiFi

WiFi Win #4

Use the best connection for the job

Get the fastest speed for the device you're using. 

Needy gadgets like smart TVs and games consoles can hog and slow WiFi . Use a
wired connection, and you’ll free up the WiFi and get the fastest possible speed.

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by Sololobo
on ‎24-03-2017 02:14

This is not really a WiFi tip is it? 


by Superuser
on ‎27-03-2017 12:15

It is and it isn't. It's about decongesting your WiFi where possible. When it comes to WiFi I recall that actual inner workings being that each device takes a turn to send (polling and queues.) So the less devices you have on one of the two frequencies the better.

If you really insist on keeping a console on WiFi (horrific idea) then only have the consoles on the 5GHz and leave random devices connecting to the 2.4GHz only.