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Why is virgin so Bad

1, They barely speak English

2, After hours on the phone thy will visit for a voice problem then  remove filters from broadband and you end up with voice problem and broadband problem. This happens even if you tell them what the problem is and how a tech cant fix it in your home, because they have script and are far too stupid to actually listen to a word you say.

3, Theyre lack of English is always so conveniently bad when you want to speak to a manager or get them to actually listen to you so you will spend hours on the phone and will achieve nothing.

4. You cancel their service and miracle of miracles someone who actually speaks the language of this country will phone you. He says he will solve your problems and you say fine if you fix it you can stop the cancellation and reinstate your direct debit. [Don't fall for this is just a pack of lies again and will lead to hours more trying to contact someone who speaks enough English to answer your questions]

5 Then they do nothing at all for 2 months, they fix jack and you end up with a large bill including lots of fines because they didn't bother to reinstate your direct debit. but hey they did cancel your cancellation despite doing nothing to fix any of the problems you had and basically ignoring your agreement.

6 So you want to complain, Good luck, again they can no longer speak basic English and all they say is you can cancel from today and you be billed for terminating your contract earlier. You can point out you consumer rights, but they don't speak English so they just ignore you and refuse everything you request, like speaking to a manger.

7 Dear Virgin media you are the most useless bunch of lying bags of excrement it has been my misfortune to have dealings with and if you think your getting a penny, you can kiss my hairy backside.

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Re: Why is virgin so Bad

I wouldn't want you as a customer in any line of business if thats how you behave! You may aswell have just outed yourself as a complete tool and a racist! Nobody likes racists so I suggest you take your pointless post elsewhere!
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