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Virgin media is shocking

my broadband drops off nearly every day. Virgin media has to be the worst service provider that is around. It used to be very reliable. I've had numerous visits from engineers but the problems still persist. Do other people have similar issues ???
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Re: Virgin media is shocking


Do you mean ALL your connections drop (both wired and wireless) or just one or the other?


So we can help us to help you, can you

Go to your Superhub Log in screen

Do NOT log in.

Little button top right.....

Can you post Upstream, Downstream and Network logs.

Screen caps are nice, C&P will do- Don't stress about formatting if you C&P. Someone will get a look and see if there's anything obvious amiss.

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Re: Virgin media is shocking

Hi there M2ney,


Sorry to hear about the connection trouble experienced.


I've located your account and the timeouts are quite visible.


I'd like to arrange an engineer visit for this and I've sent you a private message so that we can chat some more.


Speak to you soon,



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