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Virgin contractors

Hello All,
I have virgin media currently ripping up the cul-de-sac to install fibre optic cable. (Not a virgin customer but fibre optic internet will be great in the future).
My question is, who to complain to about the whole process of this being done, starting from the fact we had no prior notice to these works being carried out, except for a letter through the door on the same day as the work started?
I work nights, so the workers start with their diggers and drilling at 8am dead on, which is not ideal for me. PRIOR NOTICE would have allowed me to arrange something (I,e not sleeping at home).
My next complaint is as follows... I already stated I work lates/nights, so by the time I get up after trying to sleep with ear plugs etc, I open the curtains to find out they are digging trenches directly outside my driveway, so I can't even get my car off the drive!! I had to speak to the road workers, who eventually moved their stuff/rubble.. this resulted in me being 20mins late for work!!
On that note, the workers have damaged the edge of my front lawn and some edging strips I have, with their diggers... who is liable to repair the damage??
The pavement has been damaged , who is responsible for that?
This has caused massive disruption to a small cul-de-sac, big problems trying to get in and out of homes... bin men not collecting bins, due to the fact the workers blocked the street off, the mess the noise!! Not happy at all, and have no idea who to complain to... help appreciated on this?
What makes it worse is that I am not even a Virgin customer, and they won't entertain getting me out of my talk talk contract to make use of the fibre optic internet, that has massively disrupted our lives for the last week.... angry is not the word!! It's not like it is the week before Christmas , where people need to be getting in and out of their homes...
Again I think fibre optic cable is a good thing, but NOTICE must be given, even knock the door when you are digging across someone's driveway... especially when you can see a car parked on there!!
So any help appreciated of where to start my complaint..??
(All for high speed internet, but simple prior planning, care for people land/property and rectifying the damage is a must... surely)
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Virgin contractors

Hi Covdog

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch about the cul de sac works that our engineers have been doing, and thank you too for joining us on the forums.

I appreciate that the letter arrived on the day the works started and my apologies about this. As a company we have to notify the council of works beforehand but we don't have to notify the residents. Any works we plan is also listed on  as would other works any other utilities companies have to plan.

We do provide the letters to our contractors to notify residents though as a courtesy and normally these are posted before the works commence so my apologies again that this didn't happen in this instance.

I appreciate that the whole situation has caused you concern and inconvenience from the sleeping in the days interruption to the damage to your front lawn and while we cannot stop works from progressing in case residents do need to sleep we do have a contact number that should be on the barriers outside for you to log any dissatisfaction with us. The number if you cannot find this is 0870 888 3116.

If you have spoken to our contractors and local coordinators about this and still feel this is unresolved then please let us know and we will escalate this further for you.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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Re: Virgin contractors

That is poor. I live on a main road which, over the years, has been the subject of works by the various utilities and the norm is to get a note through the door in advance notifying us of the timetable of the work to be carried out. 

Not having to do so might be legally correct but it is poor practice.

Nice to be able to post again, after their mistake (removed by the Censorship team).
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