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Request to relocate street cabinet on property

We have recently purchased a plot of land which has a Virgin Media street cabinet (Ref # on box: 65106407) within the site boundary (as it was previously public land), we would like to have this moved (just a short distance on to the street and off of our property line) so that we can carry out development on the land.

Does anyone have any advice/ experience in requesting relocation of Virgin Media assets, we are happy to pay for the works to be carried out (within reason), but need this done as soon as possible as it is holding up the construction works.

Many thanks for any advice...

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Re: Request to relocate street cabinet on property

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The links for the Construction & Plant enquiries is linked below.

Cabinet relocations do cost thousands of pounds as not only will the old & new location have to be dug. The ducting in the rest of the street may need remedial work, plus customers drop lines re-pulled & recalibrated. 


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Re: Request to relocate street cabinet on property

Telecomms operators like Virgin Media have a considerable degree of protection for their installations, under the Telecommunications Act 1984. I'm afraid you will have to pay their price, as you will not be able to force them to move their plant if they don't want to. .Hopefully you will have allowed for this in the price you paid for the land.

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