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Problem with laying of VM cables

Quote "(It beggars belief VM can operate like this...)."

Not really they appear to be a law unto themselves. They have decided to put an access chamber on the crossover to my driveway which has partially blocked access to my drive for the last two days. I can only access my drive by driving over my neighbours front. No one down here wants VM and certainly after all the disruption they have caused they will not be seeing a return on investment for a very long while. 

They hide behind layers of companies to try and distance themselves from the shambles and disruption they cause. In my area they are using a new startup company called JDM Civils who are contracted by The John Henry Group, who in turn are contracted by VM. The result is noise, disruption and a pavement that looks like a patchwork quilt.

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Re: Problem with laying of VM cables

It's a chilling story every parent should tell their kids ... pay attention in class and get a proper education or you could end up being a VirginMedia sub-contractor spending your life digging trenches, badly!   Smiley Wink




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