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Moved to non virgin area - many thanks Sky !

As some of you know, I left Virgin due to moving into a non enabled area,  (which reminds me to call Virgin later today as they still owe me money!)

I mentioned I would report back on how I missed (or if I missed Virgin) ....

I miss the broadband (still don't yet have any installed), but I do miss the TV side.

The rest of this post is nothing to do now with Virgin which is why I have posted it in the community area (so feel free to ignore it!)

My flat does not have an external aerial, and an internal one only produces the bare minimum of freeview channels (around 17 channels), but I do have a non working dish up on the wall which got me thinking.

Sky have a 50% off offer at the moment, so when I looked into it, it appears I can have it installed (and thus a working dish) for £16 a month (variety pack), and that's with one of their Sky Q boxes - the small print said I can cancel all services without penalty within 14 days, but the dish is mine to keep.

So, all services cancelled, and I now have a Freesat recorder tuned in to a now working and brand new dish. Nice to get one over on Sky for a change.

I'd move back to Virgin tomorrow however if they came down my street

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Re: Moved to non virgin area - many thanks Sky !

Freesat is certainly good if you only have restricted Freeview services.

Sky do offer their own version of Freesat (which is not well advertised). It includes a Sky HD box with full installation for a one-off cost of £175. The amount of Free channels on their EPG is far more than is available on bog standard Freesat, but you have no record facility. I believe you can still get Sky+HD boxes on this service, but the recording functions will cost £10 a month.

You can manually tune the Free-to-Air channels not on the Freesat EPG onto a Freesat box, but the Humax recording boxes will not let you record from channels that are not on the EPG. Some you win, some you lose.

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