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Tuning in
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Just day dreaming...

Imagine a world where the companies and services you are with make it their goal each and every year to provide you with an individual and tailor made service that encourages long term retention and value for service and money. I can picture it now receiving my annual review from VM with a personalised status on all my services ..

Dear LoyaltyMatters... we have been delighted you have chosen us to have been entertaining you and your family for an incredible 18 years. Your loyalty and commitment to us has been remarkable and as such we want to reward you with our best offers for the coming 12 months! As such, we have been working around the clock to find you, our best ever deal!

But first, did you know that you are part of a select and unique family of 1,583 customers that have been with us for 18 years! Wow what an incredible achievement! We at VM take great pride in our customers staying with us for the long term and as always are looking at ways we can build on our relationship even further. And, I'm delighted to inform you, that we have now upgraded your membership status to 'VM Elite' as a recognition for your length of service and loyalty to us.

So what does this mean? Included in VM Elite, is a special 1 month of free sky movies and sports that you can take at any time you wish over the next 12 months, but it doesn't stop there! We have some exciting plans over the coming 12 months that include special prize draws, discounts and a new gizmo that we think you might just love! Plus, VM elite provides you with an additional 5% reduction on the best deal we can offer you! 


If you can see it... then it can happen... Smiley Wink



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Re: Just day dreaming...

Service industries don't even AIM to give their clients (customers) what they pay for, never mind a bit on top. And never will.

As you hit over 80% service delivery it becomes exponentially more expensive to increase the percentile. Most companies reckon over 90 is brilliant. Eighties is largely "good enough"

A certain amount of customers taking the hump and leaving  to be expected. Its called churn. And every company allows for it. Which is why it always makes me smile when the keyboard warriors start with their "fix it or I'm leaving"  As long as joiners outweigh leavers, no service company cares. Joiners in the first flush of "ooooh fast broadband and decent telly" take higher packages- that is why they get the best offers. Most will rationalise their package to what they actually need after a couple of years. 

So as long as leavers, joiners and turnover hit their KPI's, service is waaayyyyyy down the list......welcome to the real world.




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