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Internet - a luxury?

Yesterday I posted on the VM Facebook page my disgust of having to wait FOUR days for my BB connection to be fixed. I said that these days it is an essential when you consider, for example, with the banks closing branches i/net banking is an essential, or when you need to contact a company some make you do it through the i/net.

VM's response was "The Internet is a luxury item at the moment. We'll always fix things as fast as possible for you. I'm sorry for any downtime and the wait for an engineer."

This viewpoint may go someway to explain why there are so many post here complaining of lack of urgency to fix anything.

Who agrees that the internet is a luxury today?


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Re: Internet - a luxury?

it is a luxury when you take out hoe services.

If it is not for you and is essential then you can always go for an services with an SLA or build in redundancy
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Re: Internet - a luxury?

With so many services being accessible online only and bank branches closing everywhere etc, it's a utility, not a luxury. Between say 1990 to 2005 it was very much a luxury though. If you had Internet access then, it was something to boast about to others' back then.

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