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How to report an open/damaged cabinet?

The Virgin Media green cabinet in our street has its door hanging off, exposing all the wires and 'taps'.  I have tried to call the main VM phone number but the only option that is vaguely near to why I am calling is to report a broadband fault.  On choosing that option, I was forced to initiate a line test and the call was ended, suggesting I call back in 10 minutes.

Does anyone know how I can go about reporting this as we have some undesirables living in our street, so it is only a matter of time before they start cutting wires etc.!

Fingers crossed from a miserable VM customer who is living with an existing broadband fault (leading to the green cabinet) which won't be fixed until 5th July!... so broadband is already suffering.


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Re: How to report an open/damaged cabinet?

Call 0330 333 0444 & report it via the automated system. Calls to this number area standard landline rate, & are included in any standard landline call package.

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