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How to get a response?

I had a complaint with VM regarding damage to the front of my house by the INCOMPETENT cowboys used as contractors to lay cable to half my street. 


These morons managed to smash down the pillar at the end of my driveway, crack all the paving slabs on the pavement, gouged a bunch of holes in my driveways, and leave the channel they cut for the cable unfilled in. 

Now, I'm a bit upset as I want compensation for my efforts and my complaint has been closed down because I want the money to fix this... I have been given the email address to contact but they haven't responded to me 13 days after i emailed them. The "chat" feature is going dead with no answer and I'm not getting any kind of response (fyi there doesn't seem to be a number for complaints).

Does anyone know a reliable way to elicit a response from these guys? 

Many thanks.

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Re: How to get a response?

they make it hard as you have found - this is really a tech help forum with VM in the background - a member of staff will get to your thread - not as quick as a mod editing personal info or whatever out sadly - it takes the help staff about a week to get to threads and i guess the most you will get is them passing you on to whoever

there is the CEO's office - you will have to use Google to find a phone number and or email addy - its against forum rules to post it and the mods will be back to delete it - the CEO's office is there for such things 

type 'virgin media ceo contact' into Google - it was the first on the list when i tried it just now - there is also a complaint [snail mail] addy