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Green comms box

I reported that the green comms box on my street had been severely damaged - completely smashed open, wires all over the place. Surely this is a danger to the public and should be addressed urgently. Not to mention I have no tv or broadband!
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Re: Green comms box

If the box has stopped working it may have set off a network alarm. Anyway you can report the issue via the cabinet hotline (0330 333 0444). I will also forward this to the forum team for attention. They may request further details on the location.



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Re: Green comms box

Sorry to hear about this adymck,


I'd like to help with this.


To allow me to do so, could you respond via private message with the following information?:


  • Name of the account holder
  • Home address
  • Your name
  • Location of the cabinet and reference number for this if available


Hope to hear back from you soon,



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