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FED UP - trying to become customer

I'm absolutely fed up with Virgin and I haven't even properly joined yet! I was tempted to leave Sky for a good offer although contract was longer than I preferred I was assured 3 times when asking the offer price would remain the same for 18 months - got contract through and price doubled after 12! Called VM back spoke to someone else who said was only 12 month contract, not convinced so called back again and and was told 18 mth contract and they couldn't amend to what first agent had promised but not delivered they offered me something similar on a 12 month contract which I Accepted. No contract came for this so called back again as had seen a better offer with free gift so decided to cancel and rejoin. Agent promised me same price with an extra box and a slightly lower value free gift by amending contract to keep my installation date or it would be 'weeks' before I could get a new delivery so I accepted. Contract has come through and surprise surprise it's different to what was agreed - no extra box no mention of gift and approx  £10 more a month than promised. I'm so frustrated that I'm going to have to call up wait an age, explain all again to someone who doesn't seem to understand or be bothered, probably to be misled again. Does any one have a recommended way to Contact VM to try to sort this quickly and easily or am I expecting the impossible?!

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Re: FED UP - trying to become customer

I would recommend you contact the UK based Retentions Team during normal office hours.  0345 454 1111 and follow the prompts 1  >  4  >  5  to 'Thinking of leaving us' .



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Re: FED UP - trying to become customer

Contact them quickly, easily, and free by by phoning 150 on VM line or freephone customer service helpline 0800 064 3839.

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Re: FED UP - trying to become customer




Thank you for your message and sharing this with the Community, welcome in. 


I can understand when you are offered one thing and then receive another, it's not the best. I can see a few here have mentioned calling in about this, I would agree with them to do this. The sales team should be able to rectify this and make sure we're tailoring the right deal for you.


Please let us know how you get on.


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