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Driver complaint

I feel I need to complain about the dangerous driving of one of your drivers in Wantage, Oxfordshire this afternoon. I have most of the VRN but the van was so dirty it was hard to see it properly. The driver was tailgating another car along a very busy road for well over 3 miles. He then proceeded to speed past said car at a junction and basically fly down a 30mph residential road with a school on it - he must have gone at least 45-50mph. I am absolutely disgusted in this drivers lack of road safety and willingness to endanger other road users and pedestrians.
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Driver complaint

Hi Kball88

Many thanks for taking the time to join us on the forum community and for letting us know about the poor driving experience you have had.

I am incredibly sorry to hear that one of our drivers has displayed this kind of behaviour on the roads, especially on a school road!

For me to feed this back via the appropriate channels I am going to be sending a pm to you that you can find on the top right of the forums in the next to your forum name.

If you could drop a reply back to me on this, that would be fab!

Thanks again!


Forum Team

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