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Driver Behavouir

I would like to know where I can go to resolve an issue of a Virgin Media Driver destroying my garden last night in his van. I live at the end of a grove and have front lawn clearly seen with some edging stones yet last night I was interrupted when a vehicle has driven over them and got him self stuck. When I've looked out the window the driver has reversed back over these stones and decided to drive off without coming to apologize for the damage done. I took the vehicle registration and it is as follows: ********. Any information on this would be great as yet again Virgin Media fails to look after its customers.

Kind regards,

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Re: Driver Behavouir

I know you are upset but do not make duplicate posts. I have removed the one you posted in "tech chatter" as this is the right place.

VM complaints guidance here:

But if damage was one you'd be far better not getting involved personally. It will be your word against his. I bet you don't have photos. Leave it to your insurance company to sort out - you must have buildings insurance and this should cover the matter. If the company recover in full against VM you won't lose any "no claims" bonus you have.

Wait here for the Forum team to take a look as well.


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Re: Driver Behavouir

Hi ShannonDavis26,


Thank you for posting your message in the Community, I can see your quite new to this so welcome in Smiley Happy


I am very sorry to read that one of our signed vans has created a problem in the home, although there obviously needs to be rectified an apology there and then would have helped the situation. 


I would like to help and send this off to the Area Field Manager for your are but I require some further basic info from yourself. f you can have a little look inside your Inbox, you'll see I've sent you a Private Message. You can find this at the top right of the page, purple envelope.


Keep in touch.


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Re: Driver Behavouir

perhaps whilst VM managers are looking into this they could query why a Virgin Media engineer thought it was acceptable to peel off his plastic disposable gloves and drop them in the road after finishing work down a manhole cover in our road. I do have the reg number if reqd.

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Re: Driver Behavouir

Even in this section I thought this was something to do with computers, given the thread heading.Robot surprised

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