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Broadband Accessibility

Hi all,

Newbie wanting some help with a strange scenario!

We are needing broadband at our flat and originally signed up with Plusnet about a month ago and had to cancel with them the other day as we didn't have one day of broadband! The reason for this, you know the small green metal boxes on street corners where you'll see BT Openreach guys fiddling about with millions of wires, well, the box that connects our flat with a BT line was within the perimeters of a demolition site next to us! So, Openreach tried to contact to demolition company only to be denied access to switch us on! We won't be able to get broadband via a ADSL line until the demolition has took place and all is cleared which we have no idea when it's going to happen and really need WiFi soon.

Anyway, that being a setup for my question...

We have looked at Virgins fibre optic broadband only deals and have a Virgin fibre optic box in our living room from previous tenants. So, do Virgin need to get into those little green boxes to connect you to broadband or is this not needed?

Obviously, if that's not needed we will sign up with Virgin straight away as they seem like our only hope!

Any advice would be appreciated,

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Broadband Accessibility

No easy answer to this one.  VirginMedia have their own dedicated street cabinets but it is entirely possible that their cabinet is also in the demolition area.  If your cable is still connected in the cabinet you may get away with a self-install but if it doesn't work and you need an engineer's visit to the cabinet then it's back to square one.


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