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A lesson learned!!

I've had a bad weekend!  Before everyone thinks "what a stupid woman", please bear in mind that I'm 72, have cancer, and undergoing chemotherapy which - if you've ever had chemo, you'll know - gives you a certain level of brain fog!  I discovered on Friday evening that my mobile was missing - don't know whether lost or stolen.  I waited to see if anyone would contact me on finding it....bad move.  I got a new nano-sim on Saturday morning & put it in my new phone.  However, today I've discovered that the SoB who had it, ran up a phone bill of £193 on 21 calls to African countries!  And I am liable for this as I didn't report it stolen straight away!!  Lesson learned!!  He's not the sharpest knofe in the box though, as he took a load of selfies which are now on my new phone.  I will eventually report this to the local police (other photos of a street nor far away from me) but can't do this until at least Tuesday, as I'm in hospital tomorrow all day, being administered 7 hours of chemo drugs.  Happy days!  :/


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Re: A lesson learned!!

Sorry to hear about your woes - but you don't have to wait until Tuesday to report the phone stolen to the police. You can do this by ringing 101 (calls cost 15p from a landline)

If you need to use a text phone (for instance hard of hearing, or speech impaired) you can textphone 18001 101.

Info taken from

I'm assuming that this is a Virgin mobile and that you have reported this to Virgin customer services?


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