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Whats wrong with my internet?

Every 30 mins I get disconected from the internet. My last convo with you guys ended with you telling me that you cannot check for faults if I do not have a landline phone plugged in.... ok bit stupid but w/e come to expect that kind of intelect from VM. The folling is what my modem log says after each DC every 30 mins or so, tell me whats wrong cause.


Call Failed
03/01/2011 17:34:45Call Failed
03/01/2011 17:35:15Call Failed
03/01/2011 17:35:45Call Failed
03/01/2011 17:36:15Call Failed
03/01/2011 17:36:45Call Failed
03/01/2011 17:37:00MPOA Link Down
03/01/2011 17:37:00mpoaChannDown: ch<0> null iface
03/01/2011 17:37:15Call Failed
03/01/2011 17:37:15netMakeChannDial: err=-3001 rn_p=8048e940
03/01/2011 17:37:32Last errorlog repeat 21 Times
03/01/2011 17:37:32MPOA Link Up
03/01/2011 17:37:33ppp_ready: ch:804d73b0, iface:8041f940
03/01/2011 17:37:33SNMP TRAP 3: link up
03/01/2011 17:37:33Accept() fail
03/01/2011 17:37:33Accept() fail
One to Watch
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Re: Whats wrong with my internet?

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Btw, im using new fibres, in test socket and it works fine for random periods of time 5-50hrs of no probs then 5-50hrs with probs. Also reset the router many times, reinstalled windows on my computer recently (a week or so ago) so no client side problem. Happens with 1 computer hooked up and also with more than one. The internet status light on the modem flashs red when it goes down and all others remain green. My modem is a d-link dsl 2xxxxx

One to Watch
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Re: Whats wrong with my internet?

Still awaiting some form of respaonse.

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Re: Whats wrong with my Internet?

Hello waynet


If the Internet light is going red we're going to need you to call the support centre on 150 opt 3 or 08454 454 2222 opt 3 so that the agent can reconfigure your router, can you also make sure that you're connected into the main BT test/ master socket, so if the router light stays red and if the connection drops off then we can raise a fault.

Tristram Griffiths
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