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ISP username and password

Does anyone know how I can get the username and password so I can set up a new modem router?

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Re: ISP username and password

mallyscott wrote:

Does anyone know how I can get the username and password so I can set up a new modem router?

Settings for an ADSL connection through a telephone line.


Open a web browser and log onto your router.


Find Internet Wan > Connection Type.


Set the Router to use PPPoA, type in your User Name and Password in the spaces provided. If you

do not have a Service Name or do not know it, leave the Service Name field blank. After you have

typed in your information, click "Apply Changes". After you apply the changes, the Internet

Status indicator will read "Connected" if your Router is set up properly.


WAN > Connection Type   PPPoA

User Name  >

Password > *******

Retype Password > *******

VPI/VCI  >   0 /  38

Encapsulation > VC MUX

MTU  > Leave as Default


Your username is your primary username.

Your password is the same as used to access your emails on your primary email account.


Find Internet Wan > DNS.

Select Automatic from ISP

(Virginmedia DNS servers are Primary: Secondary:


Find Lan Setup > Lan Settings

Ensure DHCP Server is set to On


Your password will be the same as the one used to access your emails and Your Virgin Media.

If you've forgotten it then contact VM telephone support for advice.


Broadband password format for Virgin Media National


Your password will take the following format:

  • It must be between 6 and 10 characters in length
  • It must be made up of letters and numbers only
  • It must contain at least one number
  • It must begin with a letter, not a number
  • It may contain a mix of upper- and lower-case letters.

Your password is case sensitive, so remember to use the correct mix of upper- and lower-case letters. For example, if your password were zaSXdc1, entering ZASXdc1 instead would not work.


If you change your password to access the VM National Broadband Service you will have to use the same password to access all ancilliary services.

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Re: ISP username and password

Hi mallyscott,

Have you managed to set up your new router?

I am on here until 4pm if you require assistance.

Please be aware we cannot give account details on the forum, but I could arrange a call back for you to get this resolved if you haven't done so already.


Regards, Jayne

Jayne Virgin National
Help & Support Forum Team

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