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Frequent loss of sync/ unstable adsl connection problem..

Hi all,


I am a newbie so please be


I was just looking for somebodys advice/opinion..


Ive been with VM Since feb 08 and have generally apart from a temp loss of service last june have never had any problem with my service..however, since the beginning of this month I have had nothing but hassle and problems with frequent disconnections (dsl light keeps flashing/re-sync). It happens a few times during the day but after 7.30pm and well into the night it frequently disconnects every couple of mins which is basically as bad a having no service at all. I am on adsl2+ My speeds are generally good and what i should be getting once connected as is that i have no trouble on the internet once i am online.


I phoned VM early Jan, was told to reboot my 2110 voyager router ,changed microfilters, moved router to my bt master socket from extension etc etc which ive done and as has made no difference at all. The chap on the phone tested my line and confirmed there was some sort of fault on the line and said somebody would phone back in five days. Unsurprisingly nobody phoned back, so rang again last monday to chase as disconnections were happening more during the day too and problem was getting worse. Lady said fault had been opened but no was doing anything about it! was very angry as had to explain everything again.!


Somebody eventually phoned me back on friday and did some further tests and now have to wait for further the meantime I live in Bradwell, Milton Keynes and am on wolverton exchange, anybody in the same area having the same problems? ive done all my router line diagnostic tests to ISP and everything passes, the only slight thing thing was everything passed except for one section which says ''TEST ATM OAM F5 Segment ping: fail'' this a major problem? as you can imagine I am trying to eliminate all possible faults from my end but to be honest all the equipment seems to be working as it has been for past few years! surely it has to be an issue with the line/exchange?


I live about 1.8km (3km by road) from the exchange so would understand if the line quality/signal isnt great but my arguement is i should still get what i pay for i.e a stable connection!!! my line attenuation is showing 62.5db and upstream noise margin is usally 9.3-5 and downstram is around 6d (occasioanlly drops to 5.8)..could this be causing the problem..if so is there anything i can do about it or is the fault likely to be external?


sorry its a bit long-winded but i just want to get this problem sorted out once and for all..anyone thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance.