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virgin upgraded both my boxes to 360 with the added channel TNT which we was an extra now TNT works fine upstairs no issues but downstairs box the channel is having a lot of interference we have checked all cables we even changed the changed the main lead, but no difference we cant get this channel to work ive been on hold on the phone for over 35mins so far waiting hoping you guys maybe able to help 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The conversion from TiVo-software to TV360 will have nothing to do with this issue.

Not sure what you mean by interference, but I will presume picture pixellation & breakup. If only one box is having issues, then you've ruled out an external fault. If you swap the boxes around, does the fault follow the physical box or does it remain with the internal cabling?

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Zoe2023,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you were having this issue, I can see you have since spoke the team since this, were they able to help you with your issue?


No they werent helpful at all said someone would call me bug 4 days later still waiting 

Picture is fine the sound is like a high pitch scream no words etc makes your ears blood 

Hi @Zoe2023 thanks for your reply, sorry to hear this.

As @japitts has mentioned above, could you please try to swap the boxes around and see if the fault occurs with the box itself?

Please keep us posted on this matter.

Many thanks



swapped the boxes over and TNT is the same downstairs sound high pitched screaming and its fine upstairs?? So cant be the boxes must be the cables do you think?? I took a video but not sure how to load that here for you to see?? 

Hiya Tom following on from my other comment we have now changed all leads and still the same sadly, it did it some Netflix as well over the weekend but if we turned the box off and back on it went back to normal? I've still not heard from virgin I tired calling the other day twice but was hold 25 mins and had to go back to work so gave up?  

Community elder

Hi Zoe2023,

As the picture is OK and it's only the sound that is affected on one TV have you tried the different sound settings in Audio & Video, both boxes might be set the same so that would be the reason you have the same problem with both boxes on one TV.

Settings > Audio & Video > Audio output has three options:-

Follow Content
PCM 5.1 (HDMI only)
PCM 2.0



Hi Zoe2023, 

Thanks for coming back to us with an update. 

As it's happening when connecting to the one TV on both the boxes, it does sound like the sound settings may need adjusting. Please try the suggestions that have been posted above by roy247 and let us know how you get on with those. 


Forum Team

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