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Err code 7400

I’ve just had a faulty v6 box replaced for a new v6 in my living room now working fine. but my TiVo box in the bedroom has stopped working its shows code 7400 it was working fine till I installed v6. I’ve spoke to a advisor who’ did some tast etc etc...

DJ29 by Joining in
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1tb TiVo box fault - keeps restarting

Hi all, My original 1tb TiVo box, which was relegated to the bedroom when the V6 was launched, seems to have finally died, it restarts every 10 minutes or so. i have tried all the usual things to reset it but to no avail, think it’s time is finally u...

Freeview through my TiVo box

Hello, can anybody tell me if there is A Freeview only package offered through Virgin Media and what channels do you get on virgin Freeview service and if anybody knows the cost monthly of this, that would also be great  Thanks, everybody

Tivo intermittently pixelly

Our Tivo box has, for many months now, been intermittently pixelly, to the point of being unwatchable. This is on live TV (some channels are worse than others) and recordings we make.I have tried everything listed on the website, a number of times. R...

sools by On our wavelength
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Loose cable chewed cable

Hi our virgin cable is loose all round the house and it's been chewed at the back garden behind the TV cables are a mess if you touch the TV stand the virgin goes off we have had the same equipment for about 8 years can we get a total new wire and eq...