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Tuning in

Just getting used to the stream box and was watching live TV on BBC1. I noticed you can move the time back to see what was on previous in the day, so I went back to the local news at 6.30 news. It shows very detailed information to the programme but would not play. Am I doing anything wrong or is it a feature that does not work on Stream


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Sirog1967 

I don't have the Stream box, but I do have a 360 which runs on the same Horizon interface.

Not all programs or channels have the StartOver feature. To be honest I've never seen the StartOver icon displayed for local news on BBC1 HD.

The BBC channels implement StartOver using the BBC iPlayer app.

Other channels use a cloud copy of the Startover program.

Programs which support Startover are shown in the EPG with an icon that resembles the white Catch Up symbol, however if it's greyed out then it signifies that the program will be available later on via the Catch Up service.


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