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I've had a Stream box since receiving one as part of it's trial and been very happy with it. Recently the discount I had on my package expired and I negotiated a new deal for my Broadband service. The representative who sorted my package said he was unable to do it without removing the streaming service, and I reluctantly agreed figuring I could get it added again at some point. My account showed my streaming service being due to get removed on 12th June (today). The box itself appears to still allow me to use all apps as usual, just not let me watch any of the live streamed channels, and the my-virgin-media/your-package page still shows me as having the Stream service.

Is it possible to get the live streamed channels re-instated?


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Very Insightful Person

As with VMs existing TV service, there is no such thing as free channels. You rent the box, so when you cease to pay for it you lose the right to view the channels. The only place there are free channels is on the Freeview & Freesat platforms, & the Sky platform which operates as a hybrid system as the satellites is not owned by Sky and any broadcaster can use them.

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Hi, there is no rental with the stream box and it allows you to stream the basic channels without any additional cost. Packs of premium channels are available at cost on a rolling monthly basis. All I want is to resume ability to stream the basic channels as I was since I first received the box last year.

Are you a Pay TV customer? If so this will explain why you had to lose Stream.

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Hi , no I'm not, haven't been for years. I'm Broadband only which as far as I know is the only way to get the stream box.

I was expecting to lose the channels as when I re-negotiated my contract the rep. said it was impossible for him to offer me a deal without removing the stream service ( he tried but it wouldn't let him ). I'm just hoping someone at virgin can re-instate the free channels, everything else on the stream box still appears to work ok.

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Issue now (hopefully) resolved.

I messaged my predicament to virgin on 07533051809 and the conversation continued on whatsapp with 'Virgin Media Sales Webchat'.

Eventually they said I should call 0345 454 1111 to re-activate the stream box. I phoned them and the guy I spoke to said he could re-activate but was having difficulty accessing my account and would have to call me back later. As promised he called back a short while ago and activated the box whilst on the phone to me. It appears to be working correctly again now.