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Resolution issue with Virgin Stream and BenQ W2700 projector

Tuning in
I recently got a Stream box as it is supposed to have the sky TV app to enable me to watch sky on the projector (as Sky are the worst and stop you casting anything, and have no Chromecast app).
Unfortunately, when I plug the box in and turn it on, I just get a bunch of static sounding noise and it is never able to detect a picture (it feels as if someone is plugging an HDMI in and out repeatedly). There is one time it did manage to resolve the issue and switch to the normal 4K resolution after about 15 seconds of noise, however I have never been able to replicate this. I have tried using different HDMI cables (including 4K specific and audio return cables swapped round at both ends to be safe) and nothing changes. When I plug it into my computer monitor however, it works completely fine, but in the projector, nothing.
It feels like the issue is around the resolution as my Chromecast will instantly detect 4K and never had any issues at all, whereas the resolution showing on the screen (in the info box) when I plug the Virgin Stream in shows something like 2500 x 2050 and 50hz which surely cannot be a resolution for anything. It feels like the issue is something like the projector tries to detect the output resolution of the box whereas the box is trying to detect the resolution of the projector and they just end up messing with each other.
Never had a single issue with chromecast or anything else I plug in to the projector. Anyone else experienced anything similar and found a solution?
At this rate im just going to end up asking for a refund the only reason I got it was for the projector but have no idea how I am going to fix this.  Any help greatly appreciated as thanks to Skys weird casting policy, I am forced to watch sport on my laptop despite buying a projector literally for this reason (before anyone asks I can use a cable but the projector is ceiling mounted in the middle of a high ceiling therefore running cables to it would be a nightmare).

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey hotcrossbun26, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear you are having these issues with the stream box.

However since you are using the SKY app, the policy will still valid when using the steam box.

I understand this is frustrating and I am sorry about this. 

With the sound issues is it possible you can try a standard HD input if possible instead of 4K? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply.

I have spoken with BenQ as well and done a bit more testing my end and the issue is indeed the resolution.  The stream box is trying to detect the resolution of the display but the projector doesn't have a native resolution.  I am able to set the resolution on the stream box to 1080p resolution using my pc desktop display's hdmi port but the moment it goes back into the projector, it just automatically switches back to auto on the stream box (for resolution).  Its strange as any other device I plug it into (ie my neighbours TV, it keeps the resolution setting, but the moment the projector is plugged in, it just goes straight back to auto (when I move it back onto another monitor its back at auto anytime its been plugged into the projector).

I'm afraid that unless I am mistaken, the projector only has 4k HDMI inputs as ive tried both of them with no luck, and messed around with the projector settings as well with as many combinations as I can find (disabling HDR, and any other features I could find).  The only other input is a vga input but I'm afraid I don't have a vga cable anymore and have no real desire to buy one as I would not use it.

I'm afraid it feels to me like this requires a firmware update for the box to stop it defaulting to auto resolution when plugged into projector/hdmi2 port.  My Chomecast for example has no issues at all and goes strait to 4k.

I imagine that as it stands, even if you somehow get it to work, you would only ever be able to access 1080p resolution on it as you'd have to find a way to enable hdmi1 only on the projector.

Hey hotcrossbun26, thank you for getting back to me and letting me know this.

I understand how frustrating this is, however the Stream box seemed to be working fine in a monitor, it sounds like the issue may be with the projector. Unfortunately, we're limited to how we can help when it comes to third party equipment issues and we'd recommend contacting the manufacturer of the projector for further help.

I will be sure to pass the feedback on though. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

The stream box is not "broken" in the sense the box has sustained damage.

It just needs updating to be able to set a default resolution on HDMI2 without it defaulting to auto.

This is not a hardware fault with the stream box. It is software related.  There is nothing wrong with the projector.

This is 100% with the stream box and it's inability to lock in a resolution on HMDI2.  Chromecast/firestick/roku all work 100% fine.

It is mildly frustrating but I understand it is a new product and will require updates, but I also think it is fair to say that it doesn't "work" as it should do right now.

If I can only use it on a PC desktop monitor (I don't own a TV) it's a bit pointless as I already have a PC plugged into it which can do everything the stream box can and more.


I got the streambox purely for using on my projector, and it doesn't work.  I accept this and understand that products are not perfect off the bat, but this needs fixing from Virgin, and not saying the projector is the issue when it absolutely is not unless you plan on officially saying that the stream box does not support projectors.