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Amazon Prime sign in

Tuning in

Hi. I haven't changed anything on the VM box but now I cannot sign in to Amazon Prime. It is putting up a screen and sending me to or a QR code to scan.

I have used both methods and it says I need to approve via the Amazon Shopping app. I have used this method before for other authorisations on Amazon however this is not coming up with anything to approve in the app. 

Please help?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @NeilWints 

You are using to the wrong url - it should be 

On your TV screen there should also a code to enter on the above url page for example ABCXYZ

You enter that code on the browser screen and then click on the Register Device button

Once you've done that the Prime app on your VM TV box shoudl automatically sign in.


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Thanks. Actually my bad, was using that address.

With both this and the QR code it says check the Amazon Shopping App to authorise and nothing is coming through to the app. I'm stuck


Hi NeilWints, 

Thanks for posting to the Community.

I am very sorry to hear you are having issues signing in to Amazon on your box. 

I am afraid we do not play a part in the QR code as this is specific to your Amazon account. 

If you continue to experience issues completing this, we would recommend contacting Amazon for further support.