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incorrect missed payment of my credit file

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I have contacted Virgin Media regarding an incorrect missed payment on my credit file, which is affecting my remortgage this time around. I was given an email address- to email my situation. I was told this would have taken up to 14 days to get a response from the credit file amendment team. This is causing me great stress dealing with this on my own as Virgin Media said they won't be able to do anything at this point. bearing in mind I was told this has been sorted. I need this to be looked into as my application has been in the bank since October 2023 and I need to close the deal before the 8th of December 2023. 

I can't do anything because all the bank is seeing is 3 missed payments within the last 3 months. This is not right so it needs to be reflected clearly on my file as this is not fair for me to suffer like this because of Virgin Media poor customer service. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Nikki12 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with missed payments, it does appear that you have already been given the correct port of contact to get this resolved.

Can I ask when you emailed the team? Has it been longer than 14 days? 

Dear Ashleigh

Thanks for responding to my concerns. I have email credit file amendments a week ago

Thank you for popping back to me @Nikki12 and I am glad you have been able to contact the teams. 

As we are still within the 14 day estimated time for their response we would ask that you allow the time to come back. I am so sorry again that there is a wait for this and I understand completely your need to resolve this, but the team do need this time so they can get the work processed. 

Please do update us with how this is going and if we do need to chase this at all we will be happy to after the 14 days. 

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Thanks for your encouragement. This is so sad on my path, I will have to re-do an application as the time to submit a response correction from Virgin Media will be outside of the given date. 

I understand and I am so sorry again that this has happened @Nikki12 

Please do let me know how things are looking once you have heard back from the team and if you need any further help please do let us know. 

It has been resolved. Thank you